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Why support Café 360?

  • Café 360 answers a need. With its open, magazine-style format, Café 360 is ready to embrace and deal with any topic relevant to its audience in a fresh and redemptive way. It leaves the viewer with concrete, practical, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow. It achieves this by offering an honest and direct discussion on important life matters, with clear and hopeful solutions as takeaways.
  • Café 360 uses a proven Edutainment (entertainment education) format. Hosted by an international group of young men and women in a typical African café setting, the show has multiple segments including a dramatic narrative, testimonials, and an artist’s or musician’s take on the topic of the day, all revolving around the hosts’ performance.
  • Café 360 is a unique opportunity to meet the needs of youth in Africa by investing in the second decade of their lives. It builds its content upon values upheld by the Bible, conveyed in a context-sensitive manner, and made easily understandable and applicable to international audiences. A hotline and follow-up via direct voice and electronic communication (chat, email, text) as well as growth material helps understanding and application.

Supporting Café 360, a mutually beneficial relationship

We are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship with several sponsors to fund the first season of Café 360. Our budget includes all production costs, distribution, marketing, and outreach efforts. Outreach includes building and maintaining a website, buying and producing instructional materials for national follow-up, and counseling teams.

Click here to view the Table of benefits for Sponsors of Café 360 TV.

Thanks to generous sponsors, Café 360 is available free of charge to broadcasters throughout Africa.

There are four levels of sponsorship available for participating in Café 360.  

Program Seeders (“Life seeders”) $50, $100, $250
Program Advocate $300, $500
Co-Sponsor $1,000, $2,000
Branding Partner $5,000
Ongoing monthly support $100 or more

To donate, click here. You will be redirected to Café 360’s donation page on Y360’s website.

About Y360, the organization behind Café 360

Y360 a community of creative communicators and developers passionate about people, cultures, and positive change. Our 360-degree vision is broad, holistic and inclusive, whether it is working with immigrants in our own community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, or partnering on initiatives with colleagues around the world. As a local expression of a faith-based organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM), we serve as part of a very large mission presence on every continent. We conduct awareness events for current global issues to help bring about and be part of positive change. We seek opportunities to express our passions in all aspects of life, believing that Jesus does the same while also offering Life to all of us. Go to Y360’s official website.

Budget $561,360
Raised to date $8,400
Remaining $552,960

Figures updated once a day.

Fundraising deadline:
31st December 2017

  • Raised so far (% of total budget) 1.50%