Café 360

The who, the why and the what

Our mission is to provide an excellent show covering all aspects of life from a Bible-based perspective. Café 360 offers an upbeat, energizing, spiritual, and educational take on a variety of topics important to viewers.

Café 360 is a unique opportunity to meet the needs of youth in Africa by investing in the second decade of their lives. With its open, magazine-style format, the show takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth in a fresh and redemptive way. It builds its content upon values upheld by the Bible, conveyed in a context-sensitive manner, and easily applicable to international audiences. It leaves the audience with concrete, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow and change. Our goal is to give everyone the tools to create a better life, where they are.


facesY360 is a community of creative communicators and developers passionate about people, cultures, and positive change. Our 360-degree vision is broad, holistic, and inclusive, whether it is working with immigrants in our own community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, or partnering on initiatives with colleagues around the world. We conduct awareness events for current global issues to help bring about and be part of positive change. We seek opportunities to express our passions in all aspects of life, believing that Jesus does the same while also offering Life to all of us.

As communicators we also produce videos and TV programs, provide media services, and help with re-branding and other communication initiatives. We promote life coaching, train people, and hold workshops, seminars, and university courses dedicated to developing people, provoking thought, and challenging and extending our faith.

As a local expression of a faith-based organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Colorado, we serve as part of a very large mission presence on every continent.


Television can be a tremendous force for good.  It can educate great numbers of people about the world around them.  It can show us how much we have in common with our neighbors, near and far.  And, it can shed light on the dark corners, where ignorance and hatred fester.  The television industry is also in a unique position to promote mutual understanding and tolerance -– with content that tells the stories not just about the powerful, but about the powerless, and not just about life in the world’s richest pockets, but also in the developing countries that are home to the majority of the world’s population.” Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, from Ghana, on the occasion of World Television Day, 21 November, 2003

Africa is home to a billion people, of whom 40% live in cities. Sub-Saharan Africa, the region we are targeting, has a young population – more than 32% are between age 10 and 24.

Recent research has identified more than 1,600 TV broadcasters in Africa (African Broadcast and Film Markets, 2nd edition – Feb. 2012).

In their pursuit of development and welfare for the masses and especially the younger populations, African governments have long been using TV to educate and raise awareness on social issues.

Besides entertainment and news, the needs African broadcasters commonly try to meet are: civic engagement, mental health and well-being, physical health, sexual health, education, livelihoods, social peace, enabling and inclusive environments, gender equity, safe and controlled migrations, etc. Despite the efforts, there is a growing demand for more content.

Café 360 is poised to join the action, with a notable difference. It builds its content upon the values upheld by the Bible, conveyed in a context-sensitive manner, and made easily understandable and applicable to international audiences. The topic each episode develops is universal in nature, and the stories are told through an international cast, while intentionally creating identification.

Café 360 draws from Y360’s and by and large Youth With A Mission’s vast network of resource people and specialists, locally and internationally. YWAM has spent more than 50 years sharing life-changing knowledge on all continents. Café 360’s end goal is to encourage and cause positive change in all areas of life. It achieves this by offering audiences an honest and direct discussion on important life matters, with clear and hopeful solutions as takeaways, and does so while entertaining.

Café 360 is timely as it answers the current need for quality programming with educational, uplifting, and inspiring content. It does so at no cost to the broadcasting partners as the Café 360 series are made available to broadcasters free of charge.


Café 360 is a half-hour magazine format show with a varying number of recurring and one-time feature segments.

Hosted by an international group of young men and women in a typical African café setting, each 30-minute episode has multiple segments including a dramatic parable, testimonials, and an artist’s or musician’s take on the topic of the day, all revolving around the hosts’ performance in the café itself.


A direct line of communication is maintained with the audience via social network and email. Selected local counselors answer audience questions and concerns. Evaluations from audience and broadcasters are conducted during and after a viewing season. Follow-up material in the form of printed brochures, book giveaways, downloadable media, and prizes are made available to audiences.